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We accept online entries via ShowDay Online for most of our competitions, using a debit or credit card for payment. Entries open now!

Amateur Photography Competition

Our Amateur photography competition is open to all amateur photographers with a range of classes including landscapes, flora & fauna, action, people, Maitland, our Show theme – Celebrating our Youth and Black & White photography.

Prizes for Champion & Reserve Champions

Amateur Photography Schedule

Enter online at

Proudly sponsored by Maitland Framing Gallery

Entries close Friday 9th February 2024

Art Competition

Maitland Show Art Competition 2024

Art Schedule

The Maitland Show Art Champion.
Prize for the Best exhibited work.
Selected from the winners of all Sections.

Entries are now closed.

Official Opening: Wednesday 7th February 2024, 6:30pm – Purchase Tickets Here

Official Opening Ticket sales close Monday 5th February 2024

Sponsored by:

Raven Art Gallery

Margaret Sivyer

Steve Redman

Fry Bros

Cattle Clinic & Stud Beef  Competition

A. Ball Memorial Cattle Clinic

As part of the Beef Cattle program at the Maitland Show a Cattle Clinic will again be conducted on Friday 16th February 2024. The Cattle Clinic is open to students 8 – 18 years attending School or College and all independent students.

Please note that age for student competitors is as at the date of judging, i.e 16th February 2024.

Stud Beef

In a true display of bringing the country to the city, stud beef cattle will descend on the Maitland Showground in a quest to be judged as the 2024 Champion.

The stud beef cows, calves, heifers and bulls from a range of breeds will be judged on Saturday 17th February 2024. They will first line up under the judges eye in their respective breed and age classes. Then the interbreed classes will follow in the process of awarding the Champion ribbons.

A highlight of the Beef Cattle judging is the Stud Beef Champion of Champions where the best beast of show is crowned. The cattle on display will be of high quality and in show condition.

Entries open early December & Close Friday 9th February 2024

Enter online at

Stud Beef & Cattle Clinic Entry instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click Place an Entry button.
  1. For Individual click Individual Entry (group entries are not available through Group Entry button. Please Enter as an Individual, then click on Schools Team – Class 504)
  1. For NEW individuals & Schools – create an account and complete your details, or login with your existing account.
  2. Click Place an Entry or click on Stud Beef / Cattle Clinic arrow on right.
  3. Add a new Entrant. Parents can add multiple children in this section.
  4. Click on Exhibit Type Drop down – Select Horses & Cattle.
  5. Exhibit Name – add New & enter your Exhibits details. Click edit details to add Animal details.
  6. Select your Exhibit, then click Select Classes on the right of the screen.
  7. From the drop down Select Cattle Clinic or Stud Beef Cattle, click I have read & accept the entry notes.
  8. Press the + button next to the Area you would like to enter, i.e. Stud Beef Cattle.
  9. Click on the O next to each class you wish to enter.
  10. Complete the required field for your entries. If you are entering more than 1 animal please put a comma between each entries name, DOB etc.
  11. For Cattle Clinic – Schools please enter the required information, if you are an individual please enter N/A in the schools fields.
  12. For Cattle Clinic – in extras please select 1. Cattle Per Student fee for each student entering.
  13. Tick I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions, then complete order.

Cattle Clinic Schedule

Stud Beef Schedule

2024 Program 

HAZAN 2024

National Cattle Health Declaration

Example – National Vendor Declaration

Colouring Competition

Online entries close on Monday 12th February 2024.

Entry Fees:                 Free Entry

Delivery date:           Entries can be delivered to the Showground Office, Monday to Friday between 9am and 2pm.

All entries must be received at the Office by Wednesday, 14th February 2024.

Ribbons:                     Awarded by the Judge for first and second.

The colouring competition is judged in the following age groups:

  • Under 5 years
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School

Sponsored by

Colouring Competition Schedule

Under 5 years picture

Primary school picture

Secondary school picture

Cooking Competition

Congratulations to Junior Nate Pugh-Morelli for his excellent result in the Junior sections of the 2023 Cookery Schedule.

In 2024 an invitation is extended to all to watch the judging of the Cookery Schedule. You will be surprised at the tips you will pick up to help you in the future. Judging will take place on Thursday 15th February, starting at 10.30 am.

The 2024 Cooking Schedule is sponsored by Brancourts. The recipes using their products have been extended to include a chance for your creativity to excel.

The challenge for Juniors to ‘Celebrate our Youth” is to create the ‘best ever’ Chocolate Cake. A chance for their skills to excel.

Maitland CWA has put together interesting recipes in their challenge for you to have a go toppling the CWA cooking experts. A challenge Nate took on and won.

Morpeth CWA is sponsoring the Junior Section of the Cooking Schedule and has some very yummy recipes to inspire our younger cooks to have a go.

The schedule has been extended to include a Men’s ONLY Section so the challenge is out for men to prove their expertise as cooks, in both the Baking and Preserves section.

Cooking Schedule

Entries close Wednesday 7th February 2024

Enter online at

Select drop down Pavilion/Indoor/Display

Sponsored by: Brancourts

Demo Derby Competition

Saturday, 17th February, 2024

Entry  for 2024 will be free

All cars MUST be removed by the competitor from the showground.

All enquiries to Chris Fisher on 0412 149 486

Enter at

Select drop down Pavilion/Indoor/Display

Entries close 12/02/2024

Derby Rules

Waiver 1

Waiver 2

Prize money

Prize money will be paid the week following the show to the nominated bank account.

1st Prize $500

2nd Prize $250

3rd Prize $150

Crowd Favourite $100

Dog Section

Donkey Competition

Our 2024 Maitland Show will have TALLEST DONKEY IN MAITLAND. Visit the donkey section to meet the gentle giant ‘Polo’. He will be presented before the judge and participating in the obstacle course events.

All youth welcome to participate in the Giddy-up gymkhana with a chance to win a ribbon. Every entrant will be supervised by an experienced donkey handler. Join the fun- all welcome!

Donkey Schedule

Enter online at

Select drop down Horses & Cattle

Entries open early December & close Monday 12th February 2024

Boer Goats

Boer goats are meat goats and were imported into Australia from South Africa.

Australia produces over 50% of the world’s goat meat exports and the numbers of Boer goats in Australia continues to rise as farmers turn to goat meat production as a profitable alternative enterprise. In fact, Australia is the biggest producer of goats meat in the world and it consumes the least amount of goats meat.

There will be some magnificent Boer goats on display at this year’s Maitland Show, all vying for the converted ‘Best Boer Goat Exhibit’ ribbon.

Please note that age for junior competitors is as at the date of judging, i.e 17th February 2024.

Dairy Goats

Dairy Goats are goats that produce large quantities of milk. On average they produce 4 to 5 litres per day for around 10 months of the year. There are 7 breeds of dairy goats in Australia; Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine, Anglo Nubian, Australian Melaan, Australian Brown and the new kids on the block, the La Mancha recently imported from the USA.

Dairy goats are judges for their conformation and breed characteristics according to the breed standard for each breed.

The judging will commence with each breed of the senior does, then the udder classes where just the udder of the doe is judged. We then move to the junior breed classes for does aged over 1 year and under 2 years of age.

Then it the kids turn who are all under 1 year old. These class have a ‘cute’ factor and are crowd favourites.

The ultimate prize is the Best Exhibit trophy which is judged from the Grand Champion Doe and Grand Champion Buck.

Please note that age for junior competitors is as at the date of judging, i.e 17th February 2024.


Boer Goats Schedule

Dairy Goat Schedule

National Goat Health Declaration

Enter online at

Select drop down Farm Animals

Entries open early December & close 9th February 2024

Handcraft Competition

The Handcraft Competition, formerly Homecraft Competition includes the following sections for 2024

Feature Section Teapot Cosy
Machine Sewing
Patchwork, Applique, Quilting
General Handcraft – Dolls/Bears, Recycle Article
Junior Handcraft
Retirement Village, Nursing Homes, Daycare Centres & those over 70
People with Disabilities
Porcelain Painting
Spinning & Weaving

Handcraft Schedule

Enter online at

Select drop down Pavilion/Indoor/Display

Entries open early December & close Monday 5th February 2024

Honey Competition

Honey Schedule

Enter online at

Select drop down Pavilion/Indoor/Display

Entries open early December & close Friday 9th February 2024

Horse Competition

Horse Events are running Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Please note that age for junior competitors is as at the date of judging.

Horse Schedule

ASC Horse Health Declaration

ASC Multi Purpose Individual Waiver

ASC Multi Purpose Bulk Waiver

HRA&HA Horse Section Regulations

Enter online at

Entries open early December & close Wednesday 14th February 2024

Horticulture Competition

Gardening enthusiasts love the horticulture competition and displays at the Maitland Show. Horticulture has played an important role in the Maitland District since it was first settled and has been a constant feature of the Maitland Show since 1840. The eye-catching stands are one of the key attractions of the McDonald Pavilion, individuals, community groups, clubs and associations all contributing to a wonderful array of colour and floral beauty. Features of excellent displays typically include healthy plants, unusual plants or unusually good specimens of common species and a wide array of examples in specialist group displays.

Horticulture Flora Schedule

Horticulture Produce Schedule

Horticulture Youth Schedule

Enter online at

Select drop down Pavilion/Indoor/Display

Entries close Monday 12th February 2024

LEGO(R) Competition

LEGO(R) Schedule

Enter online at

Select drop down Pavilion/Indoor/Display

Entries open early December & close Friday 9th February 2024

Poultry Competition

The Poultry Competition is a long standing attraction and is very popular with children and people of all ages. The variety of poultry on display will be extensive. Judging of the high-flying competition takes place during the Show.

When you visit the Poultry Pavilion, check out the pigeon display next door in the Pigeon Pavilion.

Poultry Schedule

Online entries open early December and close Monday 12th February 2024

Enter online at

Select drop down Farm Animals

2024 Maitland Show Rodeo

Friday 16 February from 4pm at Centre Ring

Prize money available

Entries via ABCRA website.

Scarecrow Competition

Scarecrows have long been used in the plant world to ward off unwanted animals from crops as a natural pest control.

Bring your children’s young minds together to design and build a Scarecrow for display in the Horticulture Pavilion at the Show.

Entry is free for all and prizes for the winners.

Scarecrow Schedule

Enter online at

Select drop down Pavilion/Indoor/Display

Entries open early December & close Monday 12th February 2024

Each section is judged in the following age groups:

  • Under 5 years
  • 5 years to 9 years
  • 10 years to 17 years

 Conditions of Entry

  • All scarecrows must be free standing
  • All scarecrows must be no more than 2 metres tall and/or wide.
  • Scarecrows are to be delivered assembled. Please make sure all parts are securely attached.
  • Scarecrows may be embellished with props and/or accessories.
  • All entries are to be clearly labelled with the Scarecrow’s name, the School Name and Class and are to be accompanied by an Entry Form
  • Scarecrows are to be delivered to:


Free entry to the 2024 Maitland Show is offered to school groups on Friday, 16th February between 10am and 2pm.

There will be horse, cattle and poultry events, hands-on animal displays, as well as art, photography, horticulture, handcraft and cooking exhibitions.

Please register at

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  • Cattle Clinic
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  • Woodwork

Woodchop Schedule


Maitland Showground

Saturday 17th February, 2024 – 12.00 noon start


  1. 300mm Underhand Handicap
  2. 275 mm Standing Block Handicap
  3. 325mm Championship
  4. 275mm Underhand Handicap
  5. Double Handed Saw Handicap
  6. NSW Sponsored Junior Chop

Nominations Close 10th February, 2024

Noel Marsh –

Please nominate events required

All events must be paid for

Woodwork Competition

Woodwork Schedule

Enter online at

Select drop down Pavilion/Indoor/Display

Online entries open early December and close Monday 12th February.