The donkey section invites owners and enthusiasts to enter their donkeys to promote good breeding and remarkable abilities, for worthy competition. Exhibitors are a knowledgeable group of skilled donkey handlers, keen to show their best animals in the in-hand led classes, plus the working classes, before the judge. Competitors will present a fine line-up of entrants in all the donkey section classes. The coveted Supreme Champion Donkey sash is the ultimate aim of each exhibitor. However, the judge will decide who is the winner and most outstanding donkey presented in the field on the day. The donkey has an ancient history of faithful service to mankind, and is today still the most worked and appreciated animal on earth. Those who know and love the donkey breed extol their virtues and worthiness.

In-Hand Classes – Conformation

1. Best Prepared & Presented Donkey and Handler

2. Led Jack—Open Class, Any Age

3. DABSA Registered Donkey—Open Class, Any Age

4. Led Jenny or Gelding 4 Years and Under

5. Led Jenny 5 to 9 Years

6. Led Jenny 10 Years and Over

7. Led Gelding 5 to 9 Years

8. Led Gelding 10 Years and Over


Working Classes

1. Long Reining

2. Snigging

Donkey ‘Giddy-Up’ Gymkhana

Spectacular Group Games and Presentations from all Exhibitors a Great Crowd Pleaser!