Goat Section

Boer Goats

Boer goats are meat goats and were imported into Australia from South Africa.

Australia produces over 50% of the world’s goat meat exports and the numbers of Boer goats in Australia continues to rise as farmers turn to goat meat production as a profitable alternative enterprise. In fact, Australia is the biggest producer of goats meat in the world and it consumes the least amount of goats meat.

There will be some magnificent Boer goats on display at this year’s Maitland Show, all vying for the converted ‘Best Boer Goat Exhibit’ ribbon.

Dairy Goats

Dairy Goats are goats that produce large quantities of milk. On average they produce 4 to 5 litres per day for around 10 months of the year. There are 7 breeds of dairy goats in Australia; Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine, Anglo Nubian, Australian Melaan, Australian Brown and the new kids on the block, the La Mancha recently imported from the USA.

Dairy goats are judges for their conformation and breed characterists according to the breed standard for each breed.

The first champion to be crowned is the Senior Champion Doe.

The judging will commence with each breed of the senior does, then the udder classes where just the udder of the doe is judged. We then move to the junior breed classes for does aged over 1 year and under 2 years of age.

The second champion to be crowned is the Junior Champion Doe.

Then it the kids turn who are all under 1 year old. These class have a ‘cute’ factor and are crowd favourites.

The third champion to be crowned is the Champion Doe Kid.

The fourth champion is the Grand Champion doe which is judged from the Senior, Junior and Kid champions.

The boys turn is next with the classes covering all breeds by age, that is under 12 months, over 1 and under 2 years and over 2 years.

The fifth champion is the Grand Champion Buck.

The ultimate prize is the Best Exhibit trophy which is judged from the Grand Champion Doe and Grand Champion Buck.

Online Entry System

Exhibitors: We strongly encourage you to use the online entry form for your section. There is currently no online payment method available. To pay your entry fees, you can:

  • Direct deposit to- Ac name: HRAHA, BSB 646000 Acc No: 100026338 ref- section and surname (eg Stud cattle – Smith)
  • Pay by credit card by phoning 49335052
  • Pay by cash when registering on judging day (exact amount payable would be appreciated).

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