Amateur Photography

Open Classes (Any Age)

Class 1           Landscape and/or Waterscape

Class 2           People

Class 3           Plants and/or Animals

Class 4           Sport/Action

Class 5           Local Rural Life and/or Industry

Class 6           Open

Class 7           Experimental, Digitised, Manipulated, Enhanced, or Trick Photography

JUNIOR CLASS (18 and under)

Class 10                    Landscape and /or waterscape

Class 11                    People

Class 12                    Plants and/or animals

Class 13                    Sport/Action

Class 14                    Local rural life and/or industry

Class 15                    Open

Class 16                    Experimental, digitised, manipulated, enhanced, or trick photography

SCHOOL SECTION (Must be official entry by a school, not an individual student)

Class 17        OPEN/Colour or Black & White